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Empowering operators with ready to use bespoke jackpots.

Jackpot Management System
Award your players without bonuses
Move your marketing budget away from bonuses and towards Jackpot pools and your players can still reap the rewards of playing with you.
New ways to engage and retain
Create our exciting must-drop Jackpots around segments and target exactly the player demographics you want to.
Stand out from the crowd.
Jackpots are not new. But Jackpots on anything and everything you want? Now that's a game changer! You can run Jackpots across any of your games, regardless of the provider or supplier or integration type.
Business growth
Use Jackpots as an acquisition and retention tool as well as for loyalty programs and omni channel, cross product marketing opportunities.
Use cases

Universal Jackpot Integration

Casinos offer a myriad of gaming experiences, from the spin of slots to the strategy of table games. To further enhance this allure, consider implementing Jackpots across any selection of games, regardless of their provider. This universal integration not only diversifies the winning opportunities for players but also elevates the overall gaming atmosphere, making every spin or bet a potential gateway to a grand prize.


Elevating In-Play Betting

In-play betting is at the heart of the modern sportsbook experience. To make it even more electrifying, consider introducing Jackpots that detonate at pivotal moments, such as the end of a half or the culmination of a match. These strategically timed jackpots can intensify the anticipation and thrill for bettors, setting your platform apart and ensuring unforgettable gaming moments.

Live Casino

Enhancing Player Experience

Live games are already a thrilling experience, but imagine amplifying that excitement with custom Jackpots. Tailored specifically for VIPs or any chosen segment, these jackpots can elevate the gaming experience, making it more exclusive and rewarding. Such additions not only enhance player loyalty but also add a unique selling point to your casino offerings.


Engaging Through Incentives

Timed and community Jackpots are innovative ways to engage audiences. Coupled with Leaderboards showcasing winners, they amplify the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) effect, driving increased participation and loyalty.

Player Engagement
Tournaments & Leaderboards
Lucky Wheels & Scratch Cards
Raffles & Community winners
Everything Customizable
White Label
Set up your brand, your way. Everything is configurable to meet your needs.
Easy integration
A simple and modern library with an easy-to-use API. Within a few steps our system starts working for you.
Back Office
Complete control and oversight. From simulations to reports, setting up and running jackpots couldn’t be easier.
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