Events Based,
Fully Customisable,
Jackpot Management System
Use Cases

Create your own custom Jackpots with the games you want

Define the in-game widget and win animations

Run frequency based "Happy hour" Jackpots

Set the design of your Jackpots to fit your Casino's brand or campaign's theme

Configure your Jackpots around specific game events like a win or a loss


Run a Jackpot around a tournament, throughout a league or a specific match

Create a Must Drop over a game half or the full game in-play

Lead up to a game with pre-match Jackpots

Configure your Jackpots around a specific bet like double chance or over/under

Live Casino

Create a VIP only Live Roulette Jackpot

Offer a unique Live Casino experience

Encourage play during traditional downtimes such as Monday mornings with a weekly Jackpot only for that time


Tie a Jackpot to a specific promotion

Run a Must Drop during a specific TV show

Award Free Spins, Odds boosts or prizes

Create promo Jackpots for first time depositors

Jackpot types
Our “normal” Jackpot designed for long-running Jackpots or campaigns. The classic has the three models available to it and can be configured in numerous different ways for your marketing needs.
Time Based
This Jackpot type allows the operator to define the frequency of when a Jackpot is available. Frequencies available are daily, weekly and monthly.
Must Drop
As the name implies, this Jackpot will guarantee to hit at least once during the defined time window.
Winnings for a given Jackpot are distributed between the lucky player as well as the community who helped contribute to it.
The age-old multi-level Jackpot will feature Min, Mid and Max Jackpot pools where contributions are distributed between the different pools, each with their own likelihood of hitting.
Personal Jackpots
Switch your bonus money to Jackpot money and allow each player to have their own unique Jackpot pool for them to contribute to and win from.
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